Business as usual…Old sayings that ring true again

business as usual

Something has been happening in 2013. It appears that the Internet is getting back to business as usual, global economy or not. With that, comes the importance to remember all of the old things your mamma, teachers, and bosses taught you just 20-years ago. I want to share a list of old saying that rang true again for me this year:

  • “Be careful of how you treat people on the way up. You may just meet them on the way down again.”
  • “Never forget where you came from. You may be working for the very people you took the time to educate one day.”
  • “People will remember what you say on a bad day, more than a good day. Sometimes it is better to stay quiet on a bad day.”
  • “Doing things just because others do it……is not a good reason to do something.”
  • “Actions speak louder than words.”

Where is this coming from? For the past few years, I was in and out of all the news about new tech gadgets coming out, and it was a great deal of fun. However, after all the noise from marketers, as the dust settled each time, I realized we are all very simple people; even when we want to act like we can re-invent the wheel, or create a software that leads to singularity. We are forever motivated by the same basic desires and needs for financial, mental, and or in some cases, spiritual stability (however that may translate to each of us…we all have a “sacred cow” of some sort). Some people fail, while others succeed, and the choices they make in reaction, can be more of determination of what happens than the original intentional action taken.

One major thing happens now, in light of all the technology available today:

  • We pay more attention to the emails people write than any other form of technology, and the grammar within the email.

Business as usual…How we speak, write, think, and behave, says more about us than anything. In light of all the new ways to do things faster, it is the one way a person can grow or destroy his/her business.

About the author

Steven Lowell is a blogger, voice actor, and voice-over industry advocate

Steven Lowell

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