VO Peeps presents two great webinars for voice actors

Voice123 webinar with VO Peeps

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Two of my favorite things to do at my last gig working at Voice123 were:

  • Blogging (of course)
  • Webinars for voice talent on using Voice123 (with candid Q&A sessions)

Call me a fool, but I like people. I like talking to them, and I especially like helping fellow voice talent achieve their goal of booking solid voiceover work! Why? It is a rewarding experience, especially when past attendees of these webinars would write me with stories of success due to the webinar the very next day. SO…

Now, I realize that some webinars on P2P sites make bold promises, but this webinar is different. It is being held after my six-year run as Community Manager of Voice123, and THAT was a great learning experience. What good is knowledge, if you cannot share it to make a better voiceover industry? Well, I can guarantee you this webinar is NOT a waste of time! Come to it, and ask me anything…and I do mean anything.

Debunk all myths and get information on how to use Voice123, that you will NOT get anywhere else!

About the author

Steven Lowell is a blogger, voice actor, and voice-over industry advocate

Steven Lowell

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  1. Sounds like a great opportunity.

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